Kiran Chukkapalli is a former entertainment professional and entrepreneur who now dedicates his entire time to the activities of the organisation. He holds a Post graduate degree in Public Relations & Advertising from NIEM, Mumbai.

The story started in 2009, when Kiran Chukkapalli, was on a family trip to Araku. Wandering his way through the mountains, he stumbled upon a small tribal hamlet. The perpetual survival mode of the population was apparent in the village. No roads, no electricity, scarcity of drinking water, schools and medical facilities were just few of the apparent problems. One square meal a day seemed like a lottery! Extremist presence further aggravated the already existing development deficit. Think Peace was an immediate resolution and the goals were instantly set. After three years of immense hard work to gain the trust of the tribes, Think Peace worked jointly with the tribes to establish a project plan to provide for their basic needs. At first, Kiran along with few friends immediately adopted 50 villages to provide light to homes that had never seen one. When this was accomplished, it instantly improved their quality of life paving the way for many more social and economic interventions.

Under his able leadership, Think Peace launched several rural and urban welfare programs including tribal welfare, clean light initiative, waste management and legal literacy. He is also an accomplished Yoga instructor trained under the guidance of several renowned Himalayan Masters.

Founder’s Message:

"Today we stand together united in the fight against poverty, poverty that is deep rooted in the mentalities of the tribal population in India. They not only suffer from lack of basic needs, but they also lack a morale that motivates them to work, enjoy and have the wonderful life they deserve. The tribes are special, they are the only group that have historically fought through adversities, preserved their culture and traditional knowledge, championed use of natural resources, respected the environment they live in and are in total sync with the nature. Their philosophies are intelligent, knowledgeable, self- reliant and self-sufficient. Yet, they are depressed, dejected and nurture a feeling of victimization and hopelessness. This is mental poverty and this has to go. We need to tell them that they are capable of living a life of pride and dignity. We need to drive resources in a way to enable them to live a good life. We need to build their confidence. Building the morale of our people is our foremost goal."

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