Vineel Bharadwaj
Architect, Hyderabad, India

"I was aware of places without electricity through various media but was not aware of the plight of the people who live in such conditions until I met Kiran, founder of Think Peace Organization. I feel fortunate to be associated with the Think Peace team which has been doing a tremendous job in giving light and spreading smiles in tribal lives. It was an amazing experience to be a part of the team which distributed solar lamps in the remote villages where people had never seen a lamp in their lives.It was a delight to watch how a simple solar lamp generated a Mega Watt Smile in their Lives."

Nomitha Reddy
Fashion Designer, Hyderabad.

"Hey Kiran ...thank u soo much..for giving me an opportunity to be a part of it.. I really respect ur thoughts and the way u executed it and specially the people who all supported u and made it a huge success. Btw ..thanx for sharing pics...Feels Good."

Mohammed Parvez Khan
Software Analyst, Hyderabad.

"It feels good when we support for a cause, a famous quote for a quick reminder :- helping hands are better than praying lips. Thank you to all the members who contributed and the team who took this initiative."

Vandana Mamidanna
Operations Head at Think Peace, Lawyer & Pharmacist, Hyderabad, India

"It feels good when we support for a cause. I truly believe in the quote, “Helping hands are better than praying lips.” On behalf of the entire Think Peace Team, we sincerely appreciate every person who contributed for this great initiative."

Bhavana Musuluri
Senior Director, ProcessWeaver, USA

"Being a volunteer with TRIG project has given me an unique opportunity to be part of a world that I would have otherwise only experienced through pictures and stories. It was a great feeling to personally be in the tribal region and experience their culture while distributing solar lights and understanding the challenges of their life style. TRIG focuses on improving their life style while celebrating their culture and staying in-tune with nature. I feel lucky that I was recipient of their incredible love and gratitude. It was certainly the most memorable 5 days of my life!""

Mrs. Rani Sarma
Director, Convenor, Indian National Trust For Art and Culture

"I am delighted to witness the silent revolution that Kiran Chukkapalli's team of dedicated social workers are bringing about. I am confident that they will inspire more youngsters to follow the dreams of Think Peace Organisation"

Sneha Karthikeyan

"This was a complete eye opener! To think that we crib over an hours power loss when people have lived in darkness for a big portion of their lives. That too just a few hundred kilometers way was astonishing! Thank you so much Kiran Chukkapalli for making me a part of this change and you can count me in for absolutely anything i am capable of doing in the future."

Pritesh Shah

"Thank you Think Peace team for the awesome work you are doing. You guys are doing great work by giving opportunities and providing help to these hidden villages/communities where they truly deserve and need it, but gets overlooked due to their geographic location. I want to also thank you for bringing awareness about this issue and providing opportunity for people like me who cannot be there in person, but can make a worthy donation and be part of the beautiful work this organization is doing"

Chukkapalli Avinash
Director, Phoenix Hero, Hyderabad.

"I don't have words to express Anna. As an Indian I thought its my duty to serve and help my brothers n sisters. Will do my bit in the future also. All the best n my support will continue."

Shrikanth Balla
Client Servicing, Microsoft, Hyderabad, India

"It was a touching experience I had when I have been to jemelpote village. This was my first visit with Think Peace and what I saw left me shocked and speechless for the night we reached. It shook me up. But the next couple of days I felt so satisfied and fulfilled as we were carrying back the hopes and happy smiles from the villagers who were not ready to even listen to us even though we meant good. Yes we made a change, we trigger that minute yet a important change. We could lit up the village and also the hearts of people there. I can say I had my 'Swadesh' moment! I still feel glad I was part of this and proud of what Think Peace has achieved till date!"

Abhishek Yadav
Former International Footballer, Mumbai

"I am very happy to be able to contribute to the TRIG project. I think it is a great cause and hope to see continued development in the Tribal Area. I also sincerely applaud the Think Peace team for providing transparency and appreciation towards every donor by sharing beneficiary details. I would be interested to hold a football camp as a part of my Football Academy for the tribal kids and find at least one, if not more potential Indian internationals. I believe that the tribes are inherently very fit and show great endurance to physical activity – all they need is some polishing to convert their raw talent into professional competency."

Srinivasa Kireethi Boinapally
Marketing head, Harvey- London

"Though my contribution is very little compared to the amount of work being done by you guys!! . I am very happy because I am trying to fulfill my dream thru you, which had been with me for a long time. thanks for giving me oppurtunity to bring light to few families. I wish i was there to help and work with you guys."

Arpita Kulshreshtha
Lawyer, New Delhi

"Electricity and Sanitation are basic necessities which every citizen should have access to. I truly appreciate Think Peace for its efforts in brining these basic needs to the people. I am really happy to be a part of this endeavor and wish to volunteer at some point of time for this cause"

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