The tribes in Araku valley are naturally talented in sport. They are intelligent, creative, strong and hardworking people who love their sport and play often amongst each other for fun. We believe there is immense potential in them to achieve excellence through sports at national and international level.

Tribal Sports club is an ambitious program to harness this potential and convert it into a reality that brings pride to the tribal villages of India. Through this program we aspire to enhance our tribal sports men and women to represent our country. The program focuses on building promising sportsmen through professional training, nutrition and exposure. The program will be designed to teach life skills and values, inculcating discipline, encourage creative and analytical thinking, improving fitness and nutrition, and building leadership. The program also focuses on building local capacity for professional coaching by training tribes to become sports coaches who can work to achieve the goals set by the program.


Tribal Sports Club focuses on Volleyball, Atheletics, Kabaddi, Archery and Badminton. We have commenced extensive scouting for finding the best players in the valley region in each of xformed by selecting from about 200 players. A similar process is under way for Athletics, Kabaddi, Archery and Badminton


We have started the construction of a sports premises at at Korrai Kothavalasa, a 48-husehold tribal hamlet in Dumbriguda Mandal.

  • Rural stadium for Volleyball (70% completed)
  • Accommodation for about 30 players
  • Badminton court (Space and area identified)


Training will be conducted at the Village for the sports men and women in all identified sports categories and will include periodic camps, exposure trips, building coaching talent and preparation for trials. Nutrition will be an integral component of the training program.

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