Alluri Sitarama Raju Sports Academy Playground :

The village playground is an arena where children and the youth come together to develop and exhibit their strength, talent, skills, and their ability to bring honor to their village. This multisport playground is well equipped to play a variety of sports including volleyball, cricket, football, basketball, badminton, and throw ball. A play area for toddlers and young children has been provided to keep our children healthy, happy and improve their physical and cognitive development. To encourage young girls and women participate in sports, a special area has been constructed to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment

The playground has been leveled under the NREGS Scheme and equipped with the support of our donors. The villagers have volunteered their time for the design and construction of the playground.

Funded by: Govt. of A.P under Andhra Pradesh Special Representative for North America Shri Jayaram Komati in convergence with the Rural Development Department.

Cowsheds :

Cowsheds or Cattle houses are a common occurrence in all the villages. In the tribal villages of Araku, at least half of the village household own some cattle which are usually housed next to their homes in make shift cowsheds. These cow sheds have irregular flooring, usually mud or stone, no drainage system and no planned ventilation. As a result, the animals live in dirty sheds full of urine and dung which are stagnated within the crevices in the flooring, get collected in pits along the side of the cowsheds and/or collect on the roads. Such poor sanitation and hygiene conditions become a breeding ground for internal parasites, mosquitos and/or pathogens that not only affect the health of the animals, but also affect the health of the village folk. This is a primary cause of infectious diseases in the villages and lead to malaria, dengue fever etc. amongst the villagers.

To build cowsheds and/or renovate existing cowsheds to improve the sanitation conditions of the village and its neighborhood and provide a healthy environment for the cattle to grow.

Chakshu :

Think Peace regularly holds eye camps in Araku Valley with the assistance of L.V.Prasad Eye Hospital, Visakhapatnam. The villagers are screened for various eye diseases and vision problems. Preliminary vision tests and examinations are conducted and villagers who require cataract surgeries are transported to the base hospital in Visakhapatnam, receive surgery, postoperative care, medicines and dropped back at the village at no cost. For those who are advised to wear eye glasses, Think Peace provides the eye glasses at no cost.

Warm Heart Initiative :

As winters set in, Araku Valley freezes to single digit temperatures. To make winters warm and comfortable, Think Peace distributed Blankets to the villagers with the help of Sree Peetham Trust.

In this year, Think Peace also distributed woollen caps to the Aksharalaya kids with the help of its generous donors.

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